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Test Code 09991 Renal Stone Battery

Performing Laboratory

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Laboratory


Renal Stone Battery is not an orderable test. The following 24-hour urine tests are included, but must be ordered separately.

Ammonia pH
Calcium Phosphate
Chloride Potassium
Citrate Sodium
Creatinine Sulfate
Magnesium Urea Nitrogen
Oxalate Uric Acid

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Urine, 24 hour
Container/Tube: Plain, brown urine container
Specimen Volume: Entire collection

Collection Instructions: No additive. Refrigerate specimen during collection.
Additional Information:

1. Starting and ending times of collection are required.

2. Follow instructions in Urine Collection in Special Instructions.

Day(s) Test Set Up

See individual test listings.

Reference Values

See individual test listings.

Test Classification and CPT Coding

See individual test listings.

Additional Information

For BJH Laboratory Use Only

Laboratory Processing Instructions:

Tests performed in BJH Chemistry. See individual test listings.

Specimen Transport Temperature


Special Instructions

LOINC Code Information

Name LOINC Code
Ammonia, Urine, 24 Hour 25308-8
Calcium, Urine, 24 Hour 6874-2
Chloride, Urine, 24 Hour 2079-2
Citrate, Urine, 24 Hour, Concentration 21203-5
Citrate, Urine, 24 Hour, Excretion 6687-8
Creatinine, Urine, 24 Hour 2162-6
Magnesium, Urine, 24 Hour 32024-2
Oxalate, Urine, 24 Hour, Concentraton, mg 27222.9
Oxalate, Urine, 24 Hour, Concentration,mmol 34349-1
Oxalate, Urine, 24 Hour, mg 2701-1
Oxalate, Urine, 24 Hour, mmol 14862-7
pH, Urine, 24 Hour 27378-9
Phosphorous, Urine, 24 Hour 2779-7
Potassium, Urine, 24 Hour 2829-0
Sodium, Urine, 24 Hour 2956-1
Sulfate, Urine, 24 Hour, Concentration 12920-5
Sulfate, Urine, 24 Hour 39576-4
Urea Nitrogen, Urine, 24 Hour 3096-5
Uric Acid, Urine, 24 Hour 3087-4
Collection Duration 13362-9
Volume of Urine 19153-6