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Allergen-IgE Antibody, Blood

Performing Laboratory

St. Louis Children's Hospital

Last Reviewed

January 2018

Additional Information

For SLCH Laboratory use only


Lab Processing instructions: Centrifuge specimen to separate.

Processed Volume:
In-house testing: minimum 0.2 mL for first allergen requested and an additional 40 mcL for each additional allergen requested.

Mayo testing: minimum 0.3 mL for first allergen requested and an additional 0.05 mL for each additional allergen requested.

Transport Temperature: Refrigerated to Mayo

Analyte Stability:
Ambient: NA

Refrigerated: NA

Frozen: 6 days

Notes: Refrigerate overnight and weekends if test is to be done in-house. 

General Information

For a complete list of Allergens and order name(s) performed at St. Louis Children's Hospital see "in-house Allergens".

For a complete list of Allergens and order name(s) performed at Mayo Medical Laboratories see "Mayo Allergens".

Order names: see list(s)
CPT Codes: 86003

LOINC Value: see list(s)


Reference Range:

Class IgE kU/L Interpretation
0 <0.35 Negative
1 0.35-0.69 Equivocal
2 0.70-3.49 Positive
3 3.50-17.4 Positive
4 17.5-49.9 Strongly positive
5 50.0-99.9 Strongly positive
6 ≥100 Strongly positive

Reference values apply to all ages.


Critical Values: NA

Limitations: NA
Methodology: Fluorescence Enzyme Immunoassay (FEIA)

Test Classification: Tests have been cleared or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are used per manufacturer's instructions. Performance characteristics were verified by each performing lab in a manner consistent with CLIA requirements. 

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Blood


Preferred: Gold/Red SST Vacutainer®.

Acceptable: Plain, red-top Vacutainer®.

Collection Volume: 3.0 mL

Minimum volume required is dependent on number of allergens requested. Minimum for just one allergen is 0.6 mL with an additional 0.1 mL required for each additional allergen requested.

Patient Preparation: None

Sample Rejection: Mislabeled or unlabeled specimens.

NOTE: If outside of SLCH in-patient units, please completeAllergen Test Request Form and forward it with the specimen.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Note:
For additional information about individual allergens, see Allergen Test Request Form in Special Instructions.


Test Availability: Daily
Turnaround Time: 2-5 days

Test set-up: Monday-Friday
Lab Testing Section: In-house allergen testing: Immunology/Serology

If not performed in-house: Send-outs
Non in-house allergens referred to: Mayo Medical Laboratories / Test ID: dependent on allergen requested

Lab Dept

Core Lab

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Additional Information:
For BJH Laboratory Use Only

Laboratory Processing Instructions:
BJH Hematology will forward to the performing laboratory. Spin, separate, and refrigerate.