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Test Code 6970 Renal Function Panel

Performing Laboratory

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Laboratory


Profile Information:
Albumin Glucose
Anion Gap, Calculated Phosphate
Calcium, Total Potassium
Chloride Sodium
CO2, Total Urea Nitrogen (BUN)

General Information:

See Common Panel Test Combinations in Special Instructions to avoid duplicate test requests when multiple panels are ordered.

Method Name:

See individual test listings.

Literature Reference: 

See individual test listings.                                

Specimen Requirements

Hospital Patient:
Specimen Type:
Container/Tube: Mint-green top (lithium heparin)
Specimen Volume: Full tube


Non Hospital Patient:

Lithium heparin and potassium oxalate/sodium fluoride plasma are required.


Lithium Heparin

Specimen Type: Plasma
Container/Tube: Mint-green top (lithium heparin)
Specimen Volume: Full tube


Potassium Oxalate/Sodium Fluoride

Specimen Type: Plasma
Container/Tube: Grey-top (potassium oxalate/sodium fluoride)
Specimen Volume: Full tube


Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday

Turnaround Time:
STAT: 1 hour after receipt in laboratory 
Routine: 2 to 4 hours after receipt in laboratory

Reference Values

See individual test listings.

Literature Reference:

See individual test listings.

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Additional Information

For BJH Laboratory Use Only

Alternate Tube:

1 dark green-top (lithium heparin) tube
1 red-top tube
Analyte Stability:

See Analyte Stability Chart in Special Instructions.

Laboratory Processing Instructions:

Test performed in BJH Core Lab.  Processed by automated line for delivery to the Cobas 8000. Completed specimens are stored refrigerated for 5 days. 

Specimen Transport Temperature


LOINC Code Information

Name LOINC Code
Albumin 1751-7
Anion Gap 10466-1
Calcium, Total 17861-6
Chloride 2075-0
CO2, Total 1962-0
Creatinine 2160-0
Glucose 2345-7
Phosphate 2777-1
Potassium 2823-3
Sodium 2951-2
Urea Nitrogen 3094-0