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Test Code 8611 Heparin Neutralization IntrinsicTEM

Performing Laboratory

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Laboratory



Profile Information:
5 battery members= Clot Time, Clot Formation Time, Alpha, Maximum Clot Formation and Lysis at 30 minutes 

Reflex Information:  Intrinsic Thromboelastometry must be ordered/performed at the same time.                                     
Methodology Literature References:  Package insert: ROTEM Manual. TEM Innovations Gmbh, Munich Germany.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type:  Whole blood

Container/Tube: Light blue top Citrate

Specimen Volume:  Full tube


Collection Instructions:  Clotted or insufficient specimen is not acceptable

Day(s) Test Set Up

Daily 24/7

Turnaround Time :  1 hour run time. All tests are run STAT                   

Reference Values

Clot Time  (131-196 seconds)
Clot Formation Time (42-129 seconds)
Alpha (67-83 degrees)
Maximum Clot Formation (50-70mm)
Lysis at 30 minutes  (>85%)                           

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Additional Information

For BJH Laboratory Use Only

Laboratory Processing Instructions:       
Test performed in BJH Chemistry. Do not spin down. Deliver immediately to Modular workstation.

Minimum Volume:

Full light blue citrate tube. See above

Analyte Stability:

4 hours

Specimen Transport Temperature

Ambient temperature. Do not spin.