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Test Code 9541 Albumin, Body Fluid

Performing Laboratory

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Laboratory


Colorimetric (Bromocresol Green)

Literature Reference:

Package insert: Alb2 reagent. Roche Corporation, 3/2015.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Pleural fluid, Ascites fluid, Pericardial fluid

Container/Tube: See Body Fluid Collection Guidelines under Special Instructions.

Specimen Volume: 2 mL


Additional Information: Indicate fluid type on specimen container and request form.

Day(s) Test Set Up

Monday through Sunday
Turnaround Time:
STAT: 1 hour after receipt in laboratory
Routine: 2 to 4 hours after receipt in laboratory

Reference Values

A difference between serum and Pleural fluid albumin >1.2 g/dL, (serum minus pleural fluid) is indicative of transudate.

Serum minus ascites albumin gradient ≥ 1.1 g/dL is indicative of cirrhosis, hepatic failure, fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and portal vein thrombosis. Gradient <1.1 g/dL is indicative of peritoneal carcinomatosis, Tuberculosis, Pancreatic, connective tissue disease and nephrotic syndrome.


Literature References:

Block, Darci R. Tietz Textbook of clinical Chemistry and Molecular Diagnositics. Elsevier Sixth Edition 2017. Body Fluids Abstract p. 925

Balfe, Alan et al. The Biochemistry of Body Fluids. Association of Clinical Biochemists in Ireland. 1-35. October 2009.

Test Classification and CPT Coding


Additional Information

For BJH Laboratory Use Only
Analyte Stability:

Not established; performed upon receipt

Laboratory Processing Instructions:

Test performed in BJH Core lab. If specimen is received in a VACUTAINER, check procedure to confirm suitability. Centrifuge upon receipt. Apply blue tape to the specimen aliquot tube. Deliver to the Roche Cobas. Completed specimens are stored refrigerated for 30 days.

Special Instructions

LOINC Code Information


Fluid Type

Loinc code

Pleural Fluid


Ascites Fluid


Pericardial Fluid



Specimen Transport Temperature