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Test Code 8168 Lactate/Pyruvate Panel, CSF

Performing Laboratory

St. Louis Children's Hospital

Last Reviewed

January 2018


Reference Range:

Lactate: 1.1-2.3 mmol/L

Pyruvate: 0.03-0.11 mmol/L


Critical Values:


Critical value (automatic callback): >8.0 mmol/L

Critical test results will be called initially and every 24 hours thereafter.

Limitations: NA

Methodology: Enzymatic

Additional Information

For SLCH Laboratory use only


Lab Processing instructions: Let PCA tube set in wet ice for at least 10 minutes. Centrifuge specimen to separate and aliquot into a conical tube. Refrigerate specimen if received after cut-off time.

Processed Volume: Remove all of the supernatant without getting any of the cellular components.

A minimum of 0.3 mL supernatant should be removed and placed in conical tube.

Analyte Stability:

Ambient: NA (treat immediately)

Refrigerated: 8 days (PCA supernatant)

Frozen: do not freeze



1. Specimen may also be collected with 0.5 mL of CSF but MUST be added to and mixed in an adjusted PCA tube with only 1.0 mL of perchloric acid.

2. Reject if specimen to PCA ratio is not correct.

3. If CSF specimen is NOT placed in PCA tube at collection site, reject if specimen has any blood present.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Type: Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF)


Preferred: Perchloric acid (PCA) Vacutainer®

Acceptable: NA

Collection Volume: 1.0 mL

NOTE: minimum of 0.5 mL CSF may be used but MUST call lab to get an adjusted PCA tube for reduced volume.

Patient Preparation: Have ice at bedside to place specimen in after collection.

Sample Rejection:

Specimens with incorrect volume of CSF to PCA ratio.

CSF specimens containing any red blood cells or hemolysis that are NOT mixed with PCA at collection site.

Mislabeled or unlabeled specimens.

Special Instructions:

1. Call lab at 314-454-4268 to have PCA tube sent for collection.

2. Collect exactly 1.0 mL of CSF and place in PCA tube.

3. Invert tube 8-10 times to mix PCA and CSF.

4. Immediately place specimen in wet ice at bedside (collection site).

5. Forward to lab promptly (may remove specimen from ice to send thru tube system).

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Note:
Call Laboratory Medicine resident at digital pager 314-747-1320 for approval before drawing the specimen.


Call Barnes-Jewish Hospital Laboratory Customer Service at 314-362-1470 to obtain a perchloric acid (PCA) tube and to schedule a STAT pick-up.


Day(s) Test Set Up: Monday-Sunday

Cut-off time: 13:00

Turnaround Time: Same day if received before cut-off time; next day if received after 1:00 p.m.

Lab Testing Section: Chemistry

General Information

KIDDOS order name: Lactate Pyruvate Panel CSF

Cerner order name: Lact/Pyruv CSF

CPT Codes:

83605: Lactate

84210: Pyruvate

LOINC Value:
Lactate: 2524-7

Pyruvate: 14121-8


Lab Dept

Core Lab

Barnes-Jewish Hospital Additional Information:
For BJH Laboratory Use Only
Laboratory Processing Instructions:
BJH Chemistry will forward to the performing laboratory. Send immediately on wet ice to St. Louis Children’s Hospital Laboratory.